Imam Vacancy

Loughborough Mosque

Job Title Imam
Job Type Job Full-ime, Permanent
Salary Competitive Package
Location Loughborough
Closing Date 31/01/2019
Reference No LMICA-001

Job background

Colloquially, an Imām is someone who leads Muslims in prayer and has a position of authority in a Mosque. Beyond that, an Imām is also someone who is appropriately qualified in the Islamic sciences and able to serve the local Muslim community. In contemporary western society, the Muslim community is multi-ethnic and diverse, with varying needs and the role of an Imām needs to be appropriately commensurate in such a community.

We have a wonderful opportunity for a qualified Imām to join the Loughborough Mosque & Islamic Cultural Association and this document sets out the eligibility criteria and expectations of the role. We have also outlined a detailed set of objectives and performance metrics against which the role and its performance will be evaluated. Imāms are responsible for upholding the sacred trust that accompanies the acquisition of sacred knowledge, and holding a position of authority within the community. Accordingly, the role requires that trust and confidence be consistently maintained and monitored.

This document is not intended to be an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities, but a basic framework that can be amended depending upon the needs of the local community and the suitable candidate.


Qualifications & Experience


  1. Sharia qualification from a recognised institute with letters of recommendation from teachers or other Islāmic scholars;
  2. Fluency in English language;
  3. Working knowledge of Bangali as many of our community members speak Bangali;
  4. Demonstrable experience of working with youth, and people of different backgrounds and cultures;
  5. Demonstrable experience of counselling and conflict resolution;
  6. Demonstrable experience of interacting with non-Muslims and giving Dawāh;
  1. Clearance on enhanced DBS check is a requirement;
  2. Dynamic and cheerful personality with the ability to motivate the community;
  3. Passion for working with, interacting with, and helping the community.
  4. Two written character references from teachers or other Islamic scholars is a requirement.


  1. Experience as an Imām is preferred. A reference letter from the previous assignment is preferred and we may contact them for further information;
  2. Hifdh of the Qur’ān from a recognised institute with letters of recommendation from teachers or other Islāmic scholars;
  3. Practical experience in leading Tarāweeh Salāh

Many young Imāms may not have had the opportunities to gain some of the above mentioned skills, but we are looking for dynamic personalities who are willing to learn new skills and improve existing ones. We encourage you to get in contact with us if you meet most of the criteria above, as training will be provided to the right candidates


  1. Live life according to the noble and blessed Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) to be an exemplar of morality, good conduct and behaviour for others to follow;
  2. Lead 5 times daily prayers;
  3. Lead the Friday prayers and deliver the khutbāh;
  4. Lead the Tarāweeh and Eid prayers;
  5. Lead the Funeral prayers and provide Islāmic advice and counsel related to bereavement and burial;
  6. Give talks and speeches (as needed and required) to motivate the community and enjoin them to live their lives according to the noble and blessed Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him);
  1. Take a leading role in formulating a suitable curriculum for the local Maktab and Madrasah;
  2. Provide Qur’ān, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Tajweed and other lessons needed by the local community and local youth;
  3. Help develop programs for local youth and community members to assist them to live their lives according to the noble and blessed Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him);
  4. Participate in community events to build, foster and strengthen community relations;
  5. Maintain regular and convenient office hours at the Mosque for members of our community to seek Islāmic advice and counsel;
  6. Work 38 hours a week, anything above will be compensated for

Employment Conditions

The detailed employment contract will be provided upon final acceptance. We have provided some of the conditions of employment below, which are subject to change.


You will be reporting to the trustees and the members of the Mosque committee on administrative matters. They will seek your advice and defer to your judgement on matters pertaining to Islām and Islāmic principles. In religious matters, your judgement will be final and will override the decision of the trustees and members of the Mosque committee unless other senior, reputable and trusted scholars and Muftis in Britain consider that divergence from your opinion is justified.


Trustees and the members of the Mosque committee shall communicate in writing for all significant matters and disputes. Minutes will be documented for all meetings and presented to all relevant parties. You will have the right to take notes and disagree with minutes and your disagreement will be officially noted.

Performance Evaluation:

You will be evaluated every 180 days against the metrics set forth in under “Responsibilities” by a 3 member panel of the Mosque committee. A report will be provided to you in writing wherein your performance will be graded as follows:

  1. Training Required: This rating shall be accompanied by details of training needs and means to satisfy those needs.
  2. Successfully Achieved: You may be provided opportunities for further advanced training.
  3. Exemplary: This rating may result in a bonus and/or other recognition above and beyond your normal salary.

Training Plan:

You will be strongly encouraged to develop a training plan. This can be a simple document which lists your ambitions and the Mosque will try to provide you an opportunity to fulfil your plans.

Salary, Benefits & Holidays:

You will be compensated for 38 hours a week. Benefits may include accommodation provided to you.

As a benefit of the role, your children and immediate family members will not be charged any fees for attending the local Maktab and Madrasah.

You will be given leave of 20 business days during a single calendar year. Business days are defined as Mondays through Friday. The dates and period of the leave will be subject to the approval of the Mosque committee. It will be the responsibility of the trustees and members of the Mosque committee to secure alternative arrangements during your absence.

Temporary Imam:

Our community has temporary needs which may require a temporary Imām from time to time, this may be true during Ramadhān. You will be consulted and your opinion will be taken into consideration during the appointment process.

The temporary Imām will not be able to change any existing policies pertaining to your roles and responsibilities without written authorisation and consent from you.

Dispute Management:

To protect the Imām and the community, we take all incidents of bullying, harassment, safeguarding, racism, and/or criminal activity very seriously. Any such incident or accusation will result in an independent inquiry by a panel of three Senior Muslim members of the community (or outside of the community if appropriate). These members must be independent of the trustees, members of the Mosque committee and the Imām. The Imām will have the right to see the findings of the report, provide feedback and submit clarification. The Imām will also have the right to seek the intervention of and to have a reputable Senior Islamic scholar arbitrate on his behalf. The Mosque committee reserves the right to suspend the Imām during the investigation with or without pay depending on the severity of the allegations and appropriate legal advice.
The Imām cannot be dismissed without an independent investigation.


The Imām will have the right to seek outside counsel and can bring in outside personnel to represent him and to speak to the trustees and the members of the Mosque committee. The Mosque committee equally reserves the same rights.

In case of conflict, all reasonable efforts shall be made to resolve matters through arbitration and dispute resolution, senior, reputable and trusted scholars and Muftis in Britain shall be given preference in arbitration and dispute resolution.


The Mosque committee has the right to dismiss the Imām based upon the report/findings of the independent investigation after considering the report, the feedback and clarification from the Imām and making a thorough and holistic assessment of the circumstances.

In the event of performance related issues, 2 written warning must be given to the Imām and 2 meetings must be conducted with Imām the before dismissal.


The Imām reserves the right to resign from his position but must provide written notice 30 days in advance of leaving. A longer notice and accommodation from the Imām is ideal.

Signed Contracts & Records:

The Imām will be provided with a contract detailing the terms of the employment shortly after the verbal agreement. This period of working without contract shall not exceed 5 weeks. This contract shall be signed by trustees and the members of the Mosque committee and the Imām.

Payment details and records of notification to HMRC shall also be provided to the Imām within 5 weeks of verbal agreement.

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